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The main symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) are tingling, numbness and pain in one or both hands. Most cases affect both hands eventually.

The symptoms of CTS most often occur in

  • the thumb

  • the index finger

  • the middle finger

  • half of the ring finger


It can cause severe pain in the wrist, arm and hand. Sometimes the pain can affect the shoulder and hand. It can cause difficulties and interruptions in sleeping. Acupuncture is very effective in relieving the symptoms and in most cases the operation can be avoided.

According to Chinese Medicine, carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the blockages in the channels which affects the circulation and the function of the wrist.

In order not to further aggravate the blockage,some precautions can be taken:

-  Keep the area warm, especially in the winter and cold days.

-  Neck and shoulder pain can also have an impact on this area, it is therefore important keep good posture. In some cases it might also be necessary to treat these areas as well.

-  Avoid repetitive movements and stress in one position.

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