I am a licensed member of the acupuncture association NVTCG Zhong, your treatment will be covered by most Dutch Health Insurance companies in case you have an additional alternative medicine package. Please check with insurance company if your personal package covers acupuncture treatments. Click here for more information.

Intake & Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture treatment                 


Pediatric treatment                                                              

85   €   


95   €

45   €                                         


DSC (Digestive System Cleanse)


12-session Treatment Plan                   

Hormonal Balance Program

12-session Treatment Plan                   

Fertility Program (20 sessions) 

ACUSKIN Treatment Package

12-session ACUSKIN sessions                                    

820 €     


820 €

1300 €



1100 € 

Appointments cancelled 24 hours before the treatment will be fully charged.

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