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Chronic back pain is defined as back pain that lasts longer than 3 months. Its development can either be caused by a trauma or it can develop gradually due to an imbalance in the body, most of the time a deficiency. The pain can be dull or a sharp pain that comes and does not go away. 


Back pain most certainly interferes with the daily life activities and can be quite disabling. Acupuncture has been proven to be very effective in chronic back pain management and a steady healing can be achieved depending on the duration of the problem. It is the best treatment option for someone who is looking for a drug-free relief and it is the No 1 reason for seeking acupuncture.

With a special technique developed by Dr.Tan, instant pain relief is achieved. Initially, it is achieved by unblocking the meridians and stimulating the release of endorphins, the natural pain killers. Acupuncture also blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain.


To sustain the instant results achieved, twice a week treatments in the first 2 weeks or 3 treatments in 10 days is necessary. Like with every medicine, also with acupuncture DOSAGE is crucial. 


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